Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Was Farrah Fawcett the inventor of kickflip?

Farah Fawcett Skateboard
Rodney Mullen if you are reading this, we know that you invented the kickflip so please, shut up for a moment.
So yeah, that's right, kaos blog has transformed into an endless obituary for dead celebrities who had some kind of connection with skateboarding.
The guys at Barcelona's Unopopmag run this the other day, so nothing original here but Jesus! By looking at this pic all I can think is how would I love to teach her how to skate- and im not even a skater. And by teach her how to skate I mean engage on a long debate over whether this pic has done more for Nike SB than them getting Eric Koston.
Oh well I'm know I'm not fooling anyone..
R.I.P. Farrah, thanks for the memories.

Via Unopopmag.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson meets E.T. | Alien vs Predator

Here at Kaos we are really devastated by the loss of MJ.
Nah, just kidding we are not really devastated, slight sad not devastated and anyway we had a small chat about him passing away. Enough with being polite though.
Speaking for myself I will remember him as a very special man.
And by special man, I mean black gone white/sleeping in an oxygen tent/children lovin'/ hip swingin/neverland ownin/ creepy/ crazy talented/sad and weird dude. He also had some good tracks. And by good I mean friggin amazing. Of course all those things contributed into making him an icon, the king of pop. Don't worry this is not an obituary, you're having plenty of those in the press right now.
Without any further ado, allow me to remind you of this legendary Skate Mental's skateboard picturing Micheal Jackson and E.T. and reading Alien vs Predator. Behold, the graphic of all graphics.

Micheal Jackson meets E.T.

Props to Kris for reminding me.


LONDON JUNE 25TH 2009: On the eve of Glastonbury, Blur are offering fans the chance to win 2 tickets for their SOLD OUT HYDE PARK gig on July 3rd. Fans will need to download the new Blur widget to be in with a chance and is available at www.blur.co.uk

A sneak peek of Blur in 2009 can be also found in the widget, featuring new exclusive footage of the band getting back in gear.

Clips from their rehearsal sessions including songs like “Tender”, “Out of Time” and “Good Song”, will be uploaded regularly on the widget.

Together with the rehearsal footage, the widget also delivers fresh information on Blur, previously unpublished photos from EMI’s archive, a preview of tracks from the upcoming album “Midlife: a Beginner’s Guide to Blur” (including the non-album single “Popscene”)

“Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide To Blur” is the first collection from the band to span every studio album and that offers a complete look at Blur’s career, from the post-Seymour beginnings to the magnificent Think Tank - every stop on the journey is here! “Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide To Blur” is out now.
Download the widget at: www.blur.co.uk

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Action Sports In Schools article in Boardsports Source

Boardsports Source published an article on Kaos' initiative, Action Sports in Schools. Check it out here!

Snoop Crusher from Skullcandy

Hold tight people - Skullcandy have teamed up with the Snoop D-O-doubleG-Y Dog and produced the Snoop Crusher. It's a bespoke design from the man himself, based around the Skullcrusher meaning its own built in subwoofer

If you want your ears to purr try these puppies out

HMV will have an exclusive distribution period (90 days) from later this month with all other stores getting them late July / early August

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morgan Maasen: prodigy photographer.

Morgan Maasen Photography
Morgan Maasen is his name. Ever heard of him? Neither had I. Well you can say its normal, since he is an 18 year old photographer. Don't let his age fool you. He happens to be amazing. I was completely blown out by his pictures. Most people take years to achieve this level of excellence but well he just makes me feel bad for myself since I was never -and obviously shall never be- a prodigy.
Check his pictures out at http://www.bogus-media.com/ and keep an eye open for him in the years to come.

Found Via PostSurf.

Jordy Smith Rodeo Clown - Stomped!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Teahupo'o? Choopoo? Teahupoo? Chopo? Teapo? How the £$*£ do you pronounce that?

The Hobgoods can sure surf. They can also blog, but hey this will be covered in another post. I am thinking of something that will be along the lines of "ASP surfers: the act of self-promotion".
Well until then, check this absolutely SICK video out. Hobgoods ripping in Tahiti. Yes I am only writing Tahiti because how the heck do you really pronounce Teahupo'o?
Just imagine coming out of the barrel (hey, thats already unfathomable) and then having to ride out this 20 foot wall thats about to close on your head. SICK.
OK that makes it two times I have already said SICK in this post so it has to end here.

Video found Via the goods' blog.

J. Mascis can skate and the band rides BMX...check it out this great new Dinosaur Jr song

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

KAOS Sponsors HNC Fine Art End of Year Exhibition 2009

KAOS is sponsoring the HNC Fine Art Exhibition that will feature some of not only London's but the world's best up and coming artists. Were we inspired by the art, the BBQ, bar or the music?..who cares cause the private view on the 18th June is gonna be an amazing evening all round. Some of us here at KAOS attended the mid-year show and were totally inspired by the talent of this lot and suggest anyone who can, comes along and checks it out. The exhibition runs from the 19th through to the 26th if you can't make the opening night. Click the flyer above for all the other details.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Lewis Samuels: Simply Hysterical.

You ask: Now who the f**k is Lewis Samuels?
He answers: Simple; I'm a rabid, hyper-knowledgeable surf fan who isn't shy about telling it like it is. Or at least how I see it. I have access to pretty much the same data you do, except I actually waste my time looking at every bit of it.
I answer: He's that dude that got hired by surfline; or even better convinced Surfline to offer him a salary in exchange for his ASP world tour surfer power rankings. He later on got fired because his writing was too critical of Surfline's policies of content moderation (a.k.a. they would not allow him to talk shit about surfers that were sponsored by Surfline's advertisers).
After getting fired he went on and started posting his "unfiltered thoughts on surf culture" on his blog, postsurf.com.
Simply put he is the Perez Hilton of the surfing world. Well no, he's even more than that. Imagine a Jewish, surfer, Da-Hui hated and pursuied writer and you've got the picture.
His voice offers a new perspective to the corporate, Hawaii ruled world of modern surfing- and its absolutely hilarious.
Please, do yourselves a favour and check postsurf.com.
Or if you are not yet convinced, here is what he has to say about Joel Parkinson following his two wins and early exit at BillabongPro Tahiti.
"Joel Parkinson can find solace in recent history. Like Joel, Slater started last year with two wins, only to fall early at Chopes. Fortunately for Slater, all the other contenders fell early, too. Same story this year, as Parko’s real rivals (Mick, CJ, and Kelly) dropped the ball. Instead, two more toothless quasi-contenders emerged from the shadows – Taj Burrow and Bobby Martinez. Only trouble is, Parko is not Kelly Slater. So there’s no guarantee he’ll win the next one. Preserving a big lead is mostly a mental game. The rest of Parko’s year might play out like a teenager on mushrooms taking a phone call from their grandparents. The internal monologue running like this: “Don’t freak out man, don’t freak out. Just act normal, do what you’d usually do… wait, what do I usually do? What does being normal even mean?? Why am I talking to myself? Am I saying this out loud? Am I licking the phone? Why am I licking the phone? Are my pants wet? Did I pee on myself? I can’t tell if they’re wet or not. OH SHIT! I forgot how to breathe, I forgot how to BREATHE!"