Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jib-Vid 2007 Winner

Worth noting that the 2007 Jib-Vid has happened and from everyone i've spoken with that was there and took part, it was the best ever. That standard of films just keeps getting higher. Check out this years winner....

Who would be silly enough to do this? Skiing at Angel Tube!! Not anyone we know???

Check out these links....we don't know anything about it Mr Policeman??

Monday, March 26, 2007

Report from Orage Open 2007

The Nike ACG team had a big crew out at the Orage this year with Italian, British, Norweigen, French, Spanish, German Swiss and Austrian team riders. The event itself was very professional, well run and despite the weather which was not perfect, the event went off without a hitch. The crew at Laax really know how to do their job.

It was a bit of a bad start to the event with Roy Kittler doing his collarbone again in qualies and having to bail home to sort it out. Dude, take a rest now and get that thing better before coming back next time!!!

The slopestyle course was a challenge for everyone cause speed was hard to come by due to the snow falling etc. But Rich, Martin and Mirjam did their best in the semis unfortunatley not making it through to the finals.

In the womens pipe final, Kimmy Misof (4th) went bigger than anyone busting massive airs all the way down the pipe. She's only small too. Who knows where she gets that amplitude from but it was pretty amazing to watch. Everyone in the crowd were buzzing. But it was Mirjam Jaeger with all the tech that ended up placing third and winning a massive US$400 (come on Orage, whats with the womens prize money!!!) behind the UK's Emma Lonsdale and of course in first Grete Eliassen who was simply too good.medium_24032007062.jpg

In the mens pipe, Murray Buchan, our youngest rider at the event showed almost everyone up making it through to the semis where he put down two super solid runs signaling to everyone there that not only can the Brits can ride but that he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Murray has also grown a tash so that he looks older and will be taken more seriously on the scene. It's one of those really good ones that you can twist at each end. Check the photo....its really!!medium_24032007068.jpg

Making it through to the mens final for Nike ACG was Norways Olaf Brusletto who despite busting a binding after a pretty hard slam in his final training run (how's the nads Olaf?), managed to keep it together for a 9th finish overall. Well done dude and nice to meet you...although i don't know what that milky stuff you were drinking at the party gotta sort that out!

The final winner of the mens pipe was Josse Wells from NZ. This kid was so smooth and stylie and deserved the result despite the protests of Simon Dumont who put a solid 12 in his final run but was just a bit sketchy overall.

Speaking of parties, the Orage party scene was pretty quiet until Saturday night when it went off. Champagne was the order of the night to celebrate Mirjams 3rd and a belated celebration for Paddys clean-up the week before at the Brits where he won the pipe and ss.


Well done to all the Nike ACG riders. Thanks also to Lionel from Giro who was driving me around in the sweetest ride at the Open....everyone wanted to be in that car dude...i was so proud!

For all the results, get to the Orage webite...can't remember it but just google Orage Open 2007 and you get there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Paddy and Muz set the standard at the Brits ski pipe

Nike ACG UK pro riders Paddy Graham and Murray Buchan have slain the half-pipe at the Brits securing 1st and 2nd between them yesterday afternoon.

Padds had been hot favourite to hold onto his crown having stormed the event last season but it is his fellow team mate and protégé Muz who has shot up the ranks.
At 15 years old Murray has technically only just graduated into the junior ranks but is teaching his older competitors a thing or two.

Muz's final runs included airs that defied his 5ft (and a wee bit) frame, 5s, 7s, 9s and even a coupla' switch tricks. Paddy, clearly enjoying the show as much as the gathered crowd threw in the whole variety of tricks including some epic 9s and even managed a double spread off a straight air.

The future looks super exciting for these two who continue to stamp their authority on all disciplines across the international stage and we're amped to see them enjoying it. Check out both their runs as well as a classy interview with Padds below. Anyone got a name for Paddy's 5 with the splits? I've heard of a 'splaffy' but that one's pretty off a new page...!zone%20Halfpipe%20Championships

More news to follow on their exploits in Slopestyle and Big Air. Whether Muz hits the SkiX course switch again this season remains to be seen.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wakeham On Fire in Lake Placid

Dan Wakeham, Nike ACG team rider, had a memorable weekend in Lake Placid where he placed 4th in their Quater-pipe event.

Dan's result was all the more noteworthy as he overhauled some top names on the way, including Steve Fisher (X Games Gold medalist in the Half-pipe this year).

Congrats to Dan- check out the video: