Friday, July 28, 2006

Saas Fee Ride 2006

The second event in the 2006 Ride series took place on Saturday 22nd July in the glacial resort of Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

The first discipline of the day was Half Pipe. The pipe, 110 metres in length, 20 metres wide and 5 metres in height, was in great shape considering the heavy rain fall on Friday evening. Paddy Graham (Nike ACG, Line), one of Britain's finest freestyle athletes, put together a smooth run with a Corked 540 mute grab and Alley oop flat spin 720. This earned him a deserved 3 rd place podium finish. Another UK pro rider, Murray Buchan (Nike ACG) took home 7th place in the Men's Halfpipe.
In the woman's event Beanie Milne Home (White Stuff, Dynastar) from Scotland came 3 rd with alley oops on both walls and good height.

During the competition many athletes were travelling around 25 metres in the air from take off to landing. A huge variety of jumps were being thrown down including Cork's, Double Grabs, Underflips, Switch 5's, 7's, and 9's. All athletes were given two hits at the kickers and the best score out of the two jumps counted.

Half Pipe
Men: 1st place - Loic Collomb Patton (France), 2nd Place - Oscar Harlaut (SWE),3rd Place - Paddy Graham (UK)
Women: 1st Place - Marta Ahrenstedt (SWE), 2nd Place - Sofie Windstedt (SWE), 3rd Place - Beanie Milne Home (UK)

Big Air
Men: 1st Place - Henrik Harlaut (SWE), 2nd Place - Paddy Graham (UK), 3rd Place- Loic Collomb Patton (FRA)Women: 1st Place - Marta Ahrenstedt (SWE), 2nd Place - Terri Spencer (UK), 3rd Place - (Joint) Vanessa Colletta (France) / Sofie Windstedt (SWE)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Globe Bowlbash Burnley, UK

On July 15th and 16th, the third qualification of the ‘Globe BowlBash’ took place, with Professional and amateur Skateboarders joining the contest in the Interact skatepark in Burnley. Eighteen-year-old Nicholas Cornell from Newport pulled everything out of his closet and won the BowlBash qualification convincingly. The five highest ranked skateboarders of the Globe BowlBash in Burnley qualified for the Finals that will take place in the Area51 skatepark in the Netherlands, October 13-15th. The next qualification events will take place in Algorta Spain, August 26-27th and October 14th in Eindhoven, the day before the Grand finals.

The results (qualified for the Grand Finals)
1. Nicholas Cornell
2. Jasper Tattersall (15 UK)
3. Josh Parr (14 UK)
4. Sam Becket (14 UK)
5. Stephen Roe (20 UK)
Best trick: Darryl Cashman, Backside Tailslide Bigspin

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