Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amazing videos day

Usually when posting here I try to provide some insight with my writing. Today it's not about that, it is just about posting incredibly amazing videos. It's one of those days. There you go, first ever bs 1620 ( via the Helgasons blog).

And now this.. Skier in Alaska gets buried by an Avalanche, only to get rescued a few minutes later, amazing video, Hollywood could never beat that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R.I.P. Bodhi

I've been posting here for a while, but probably most of you guys that read this know nothing about me. I'm 25 years old, I like all kinds of cheese and the first surf film I ever watched was Point Break.

I know very well that is not meant to be just about surf. Of course it wasn't, it was a Hollywood movie with Keanu Reeves and Hollywood does not make surf movies.
However for me it was a movie about Bodhi, his surfing, his coolness, his layback tube ride when he is first being introduced to the film, his escape in maxing "Bells Beach".

bodhi layback tube

Damn, even writing those lines gives me goosebumps. I bet there's many people out there thinking exactly the same.

Bodhi with board

Thank you for the all this Patrick, RIP.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

KISS Mr Pototo Heads...where can i get me one of them apples?

WAL-MART to promote KISS CD with ‘KISS Korners’
4 Sep 2009
Wal-Mart will promote the new KISS CD/DVD, SONIC BOOM with ‘KISS Korners’ in electronics departments and Halloween aisles in October. Stores will offer KISS T-shirts, wigs, make-up, limited edition KISS M&M candies and KISS Mr Potato Head spuds of all four band members through Halloween. "To complement this highly-anticipated music release, we are excited to bring a unique store experience with KISS merchandise at an unbeatable value for fans of all ages," said Greg Hall, Vice President of Media Services, Walmart US. "It has been both fun and an honour to work with the band and celebrate with fans the new music release and album tour."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

That's not a regular title but my god this is in plain WTF territory.

Whatever happens please keep you children away from the screen. For if the maintain visual contact with it they might become infected and then things won't go down that smooth. This spectacle is even worse than 2 Girls 1 Cup I swear. Are they gone now? Cool.
Without any further adoo allow me to present you the Heelys' National Championships!! I know what you must be thinking:Is this world coming to an end?
Elaborate and discuss.

Via Pierre Wikberg's blog and then some more props to James for sharing it with me.